Thursday, October 9, 2008


i meant to, i really did. but i didn't. and maybe that sort of proves that it wasn't necessary. either way, it's all for naught at this moment. because right now, this very instant, it is the first feeling of cold weather weather. the "comfy inside with the heat on i'm gonna watch the Wire on netflix and snuggle on the couch cold weather" weather. it goes from 1 netflix a month to 4 a week. you almost feel christmas coming. and it's only october. early october at that.

but i was ready for it. i always worry i'm not going to be ready for it, and then i am. but ready for it and able to make it all the way through without breaking are two differnet things. so, we'll see.

but that last week of awesome summer really did its trick. it really did.

and i meant to keep a journal about the daily weather this summer. but i didn't. and the reason i was going to was because the previous summer had been so short and unsatisfying. this one had its ups and downs, but i would call it a great portland summer weather-wise.

and it just goes to show, that really, it's still all your mindset.

i'm gonna fake 'n' bake this winter if i have to!

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